Acuvue Bifocals Contact Lenses

Acuvue Bifocals are the only contact lens with PUPIL INTELLIGENT DESIGN. It has five invisible, concentric zones that allow you to see clearly at varying distances. So you won’t find yourself having to think about which part of the lens to use – you simply put them on and go. ACUVUE? BIFOCAL Contact Lenses are extremely easy to use because once you put them on, you can forget about them the rest of the day. Other convenient features include: An inside-out indicator – so they go on right the first time. Visibility tint – so you can easily see them in the case and on your finger . Flexible wear schedules – to fit your lifestyle. UV Blocking* – ACUVUE? BIFOCAL Contact Lenses block approximately 86% of the UV-A rays, and 98% of UV-B rays. Edge Design – Promotes exceptional comfort. Precision Junctions – Intended to reduce blurs and halos. Lens Type: 1-2 week disposable soft contacts Package Details: 6 visibly tinted UV blocking lenses immersed in buffered saline solution. Material and % of content: 42% polymer (etafilcon A) Water % of content: 58% Other info: These contacts are not designed to change eye color. The tint is designed to facilitate locating the contacts in solution. These contacts also contain an inside-out ‘123 indicator’ to help ensure proper application. Manufacturer: Johnson and Johnson Vision Products, Inc. Jacksonville, FL

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